The word yoga itself means union- with Mantus we merge our core beliefs of sustainable + local living, preserving the natural beauty of nature and our passion to design, create + share. 

Candice Sheriff, founder/owner

Mantus isn't just another company- it's a lifestyle that we have chosen, seeded from our passions and rooted in our beliefs to use local resources and to do so in a sustainable way so that we are not merely creating more 'stuff', but rather products with purpose.


We have designed and created a line of locally and sustainably made yoga goods made from the cut-offs and wood shavings from our original seed, Live Edge Forest. With Live Edge Forest we work strictly with downed/fallen trees to make our high end live edge furniture and wood goods. We do not believe in cutting down more trees, rather we seek to give unwanted trees a new life. With Mantus, we are now taking that a step further and are making use of that which would other wise be disposed of.

Our yoga products are designed with intention to serve the highest in us all- maker, user and mother earth. As people become more and more separate from nature, our products serve to nurture and reconnect us to that source. Each piece is sewn, sanded or strung- crafted with care- by our hands.

We strive to continually innovate our creations to serve our lifestyle and as such our products really do reflect our way of life- tried and true.

Being made from wood, our products offer an added sense of grounding which supports the yogis practice as they seek to heal the body and calm the mind. It’s innate to the nature of it all- the more we connect with nature, the more connected we feel.

In a world where more and more, less is more- as we simplify our lives and reduce our impact you can take ease in knowing that Mantus products support preserving the earth as well as your practice.


From fallen trees, to shavings to supporting you as you in turn support the earth. Together we reach further.

Candice & Dan