HULA HOOPING #hooplove

Hooping is a fun full body practice that not only engages our core strength but our body, mind and spirit. Everything in nature has a rhythm, from the great ocean tides, to the circle of life. The connection we develop with the hula hoop, this sacred circle, teaches us to find our own rhythm and expression of authentic joy. Don’t just go with the flow, become the flow.


Like the circle, the possibilities are infinite.


It’s all in the hips, and the hoop! Our handcrafted fitness and dance hoops will get any body moving. Join us in learning the basics of hoop dance, along with some fun and fancy tricks. All ages and skill levels are welcome. We supply the hoops, you bring the hips


Benefits of hula hooping

Hula hooping has so many benefits for the body, heart and soul.


Hooping is an incredible alternative workout- it can burn over 600 calories and hour- but you won’t notice because you’ll be having a blast. 


Hooping has a profound effect on the body, mind and soul. Hula hooping improves the relationship we have with our body by engaging core strength, increasing stamina, improving balance, awakening libido and pelvic health, boosting self-esteem, building confidence, relieving stress, deepening the body-mind connection, and igniting personal freedom and power. Hula hooping is also a low impact fitness activity so it’s ideal for the aging population and sure to help maintain hip mobility.