Mantus hula hoops embody shri!​

They say hula hooping is all in the hips, but the right hoop does make all the difference in the world. Have you ever tried those flimsy dollar store hoops? Don't let them get you down- you are full of hooping potential that is waiting to be unlocked!  


Our weighted adult hula hoops are made to last! Our hoops are collapsible infinity hula hoops making​ them perfect for travel as they fold down to half the size! 

Mantus hula hoops come in two varieties...

- Heavier Fitness hoops which are ideal for absolute beginners 

- Lighter Dance hoops which are perfect for those starting to explore the art of hoop dance and tricks.


**To maintain a uniqueness of design, any hoops ordered will follow the colour scheme of the chosen hoop- actual tapes patterns may vary.

Check out our offerings page for upcoming hula hooping classes.

To book a private or semi-private hula hooping class contact us at mantusyoga@gmail.com