Mantus Wooded Mesitation Cushions

The seed that sparked Mantus!

Wooded Meditation Cushions

These meditation cushions are hand-sewn by us, then filled with wood shavings left over from the furniture pieces we make as Live Edge Forest from downed and fallen trees. Thus completing the circle, by enabling us to use the entire tree- virtually waste free!
Meditation cushions allow the hips to rest higher than the knees to allow you to focus on settling the body and mind with more ease. Helping to stack the spine, while offering grounding support.

We use only kiln dried wood shavings to ensure a clean cushion inner environment which we augment by adding fresh lavender to the mix. Enjoy added stability, shape-ability and support as you rest your asana on a piece of mama earth. Proudly made in Canada.

Available in three sizes.

LUNAH Meditation cushion

The smallest of the bunch, this half moon cushion gives just the right amount of support under your sit bones or knees and fits perfectly in the nook of the cervical spine.


SOL Meditation cushion

Find your groove- uplift the hips in seated meditation or dig in for headstand practice. An overall soulful support in grounding both body and mind.

GAIA Meditation cushion

This big earthy cushion offers the support that only a true mama could. Wonderfully dynamic for use in restorative yoga, a great fit for those who struggle to sit on the floor and an awesome companion for exploration into more advanced territories.