Vishuddha Mala

Vishuddha Mala


Vishuddha >> Throat Chakra << Mala


Hand Knotted and strung with semi-precious stones: Blue Lapis, Lava and Black Onyx. Lapis ("stone of truth") stimulates and activates the vishuddha chakra to help with spiritual growth and spiritual health.


Featuring a Black Walnut Guru bead and extra long ombré tassel!

Apply a drop of throat chakra balancing essential oils - such as bergamot, peppermint, cypress - on the Walnut piece to carry the scent with you.


Seed Sound and Mantra of this chakra is “hāṁ”.

As you pass your thumb and middle finger over each bead of this mala try repeating hāṁ to bring your 5th Chakra >> (centre of communication, speaking your truth, holding secrets, feeling heard) back into balance.