The Seed that Sparked MANTUS

It all started with live edge furniture. To be honest, most mills toss away the live edge to burn as the status quo wants straight cuts. To us, that was treasure. We're not so big time that we can mill a tree- we don't have the equipment, or a kiln (yet- stay tuned for the big picture goals- I'm talking land, solar kiln...). But we do team up with some awesome sources who share our beliefs in working strictly with downed/fallen trees. We visit regularly, like kids in a candy store, picking out the sweet, sweet slabs. Under the name Live Edge Forest, we create custom wood furniture and wood goods.

Say a customer wants a 5' coffee table, but the slab you have is 6', so you're left with a gorgeous chunk of waste... Well, we started to craft that into a soy wax candle, or an essential oil holder. Sometimes a little off the back of a console table becomes a shelf. And those really really small bits, well they can become wooden jewelry! As you can see, the possibilities are infinite. And so our original seed, Live Edge Forest started to expand into more and more off shoots inspired by our interests and innovations. Amongst all the repurposing if you will- one thing that kept piling up was all the shavings! So we made a few fire starters for our camping excursions, but that just didn't quite seem to do it- we always heads heaps and heaps. And to be honest, so did many of our colleagues.

the wood shavings just keep on piling up, so let's put them to good use!

Dan came up with the idea- to use the shavings as filling for mediation cushions. At first I thought- sure splinter-butt! But actually they are so soft and they don't poke at all- and even more appropriately they offered an earthy, grounding feel to the good seat. The latter was a huge bonus as in meditation we are seeking to calm and ground the active mind and this cushion rose up to meet that challenge. Thus completing the circle, by enabling us to use the entire tree- virtually waste free! From fallen tree to table to meditation cushion + more!

Mantus meditation cushion filled with wood shavings

There it is, the story, the spark, the seed.

May your monkey-mind be at ease in knowing Mantus products support preserving the earth as well as your practice.

~ Namaste

Stages of logo design

These are the stages in how we designed Mantus-

It started with a piece of moss on a yoga towel that resembled a praying mantis, which sparked the idea to start a yoga wood goods brand and Mantus started its growth. It's funny how some ideas come to us!

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